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Do you want to learn Finnish by listening to audio stories? Kertojan ääni (Narrator’s Voice) is a Finnish podcast about writing, short stories and literature – in Finnish.

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New episodes of the Finnish podcast air every other Tuesday.

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Episodes with Finnish short stories

#2: Lauri – Jukka Ahola

The short story Lauri was awarded third prize in the Metsällä writing competition in 2015 and published in the Metsällä anthology. Listen to the full short story.

#3: Kirja, ystävä – Essi Pulkkinen

Essi Pulkkinen’s short story Kirja, ystävä won the Pohjois-Pohjanmaan kirjoittajat society’s writing competition in 2015.

#4: Johannes pelastaa joulun – A Finnish Christmas story

Listen to a traditional Finnish Christmas story.

#6: Karhunkallopetäjä – Jukka Ahola

Karhunkallopetäjä was a part of Jukka Ahola’s award-winning collection Väli that got second place in the J. H. Erkko Writing Competition in 2015.

#8: Branded short story: Valio-joukko – Jukka Ahola

What is a branded short story? Listen to find out.

#9: Short story: Saamamies – Essi Pulkkinen

Saamamies is a short story told in the Oulu dialect by Essi Pulkkinen. Test your linguistic limits with this one.

Kertojan ääni -podcast

What is the Kertojan ääni podcast?

Kertojan ääni podcast leads you into the world of creative writing and literature, teaches you a thing or two about writing and keeps you entertained with Finnish short stories and short prose.

Jukka Ahola and Essi Pulkkinen – two award-winning writers from Oulu, Finland – host a literature podcast that focuses on writing and reading and doesn’t take itself too seriously. The biweekly podcast has two kinds of episodes: short, fictional stories and factual accounts on all things creative.

Who are the hosts?

Essi Pulkkinen is a copywriter from Oulu. She has been awarded in the esteemed J. H. Erkko Writing Competition. Essi has an MA in the Finnish language.

Jukka Ahola is a Oulu-based writer, copywriter and linguistic adventurer. Jukka has won the most important Finnish writing competitions and has published his short stories in many anthologies. His writing has been translated into English and German. Jukka has an MA in English philology.

Jukka’s and Essi’s family hashtag is #hyviäasioitatuleevielä (#GoodThingsWillCome).