Kertojan ääni: Finnish Podcast

Do you want to learn Finnish by listening to audio stories? Kertojan ääni (Narrator’s Voice) is a Finnish podcast about writing, short stories and literature – in Finnish.

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New episodes of the Finnish podcast air every other Tuesday.

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Episodes with Finnish short stories

#2: Lauri – Jukka Ahola

The short story Lauri was awarded third prize in the Metsällä writing competition in 2015 and published in the Metsällä anthology. Listen to the full short story.

#3: Kirja, ystävä – Essi Pulkkinen

Essi Pulkkinen’s short story Kirja, ystävä won the Pohjois-Pohjanmaan kirjoittajat society’s writing competition in 2015.

#4: Johannes pelastaa joulun – A Finnish Christmas story

Listen to a traditional Finnish Christmas story.

#6: Karhunkallopetäjä – Jukka Ahola

Karhunkallopetäjä was a part of Jukka Ahola’s award-winning collection Väli that got second place in the J. H. Erkko Writing Competition in 2015.

#8: Branded short story: Valio-joukko – Jukka Ahola

What is a branded short story? Listen to find out.

#9: Short story: Saamamies – Essi Pulkkinen

Saamamies is a short story told in the Oulu dialect by Essi Pulkkinen. Test your linguistic limits with this one.